Installing Lanteria HR 2010 License Key (V3.2)

Kayne Kreitzer -

Once you have contacted your Account Manager to purchase additional licenses, you will receive a unique license key that needs to be added to your Lanteria HR environment. The instructions below will assist you in updating the license key for your Lanteria HR 2010 V3.2 (SharePoint 2010) environment.

Note: If you do not feel comfortable doing this, let your Account Manager know. We are more than happy to update it on your behalf.

1. From the HR Role, navigate to 'Settings' in the Lanteria Menu Ribbon

2. Click on 'General Settings'

3. From the first tab (General), click on 'License'

4. This will open an edit screen. Remove the current license key and enter the new license key. Click 'Save' when finished.

That's it! Please note that you may need to close your browser or clear your browser cache for the change to be effective.

Should you have any issues, feel free to give us a call or submit a ticket!



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