Save Excel as CSV with any special characters

Aleksandr Savenko -

  1. Make data corrections in Excel or CSV
  2. Save file As Unicode Text
  3. Open NOTEPAD
  4. Open the Unicode file you just saved using NOTEPAD
  5. Use your cursor to highlight a blank area that holds a single tab 5a. Use the space between the Acquire Id and the Request Type because this holds ONE TAB!
  6. Hit Cnrl-C to copy the tab character
  7. Type Cnlr-H to open the Replace function box
  8. Click in the Find What text box and type Cnlr-V to paste the Tab
  9. Click in the Replace With Text box and type a comma
  10. Click Replace to test it one time. Confirm the tab in the file is replaced with a comma
  11. Click Replace All
  12. Click Cancel
  13. Save the file and Exit
  14. In Windows Explorer change the file extension to .csv


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